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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weigh In- April 14, 2009

I gained this week- 4.8 pounds. Ouch. What can I say? It was Easter this past Sunday. We had Honey Ham, potato salad, macaroni salad, and deviled eggs for dinner. And of course, we had donuts and coffee for breakfast.
Than, all day long we had candy from the Easter Bunny. That damned bunny. It knows just what are my favorite things to eat. Pink Marshmallow Peeps. Not fresh out of the package, but just a little hard. That's the best way to eat them.

I know that all peeps are supposed to taste the same-but really, come on. Those red chicks, green bunnys, and blue bunnys just don't taste as good as the Pink Bunny Peeps.

Than, of course, there are the peanut butter eggs. The Easter Bunny got those not thinking that I would become totally addicted to them. Why would he think I would, I have never had them before, and just didn't know how good they were. Sure, I have had Peanut Butter Cups before, and I like them. But Peanut Butter Eggs are totally too too much.

At least one of the treats in the baskets were really healthy; hard boiled eggs. Bambi and I colored them and made a big mess. They are adorable.

What are the treats that you can't get enough of? Your stay away from from now on treats? And how do you do that with kids in the house? Hints would be really helpful.

I have to work better at losing weight for next week. This is bad...Very bad...

I know that this post was from April 14th, but that was two weeks ago. I had it written out and just forgot to post it. As I am trying to keep track of how I am doing, I figured it would be better to post it late than never.

Til next we meet,

Donna M. Clark

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weigh In- April 07, 2009

I lost five pounds today, making me weigh 300.0 . I really wanted to get below 300 pounds his week. You should have seen me. Here it is wintertime, and I am taking off my hat, my glasses, my watch, and my shoes. I got down to my undershirt and my thinnest shorts.
Now, I know why people strip down so far. I haven't done that before, because I figure I would still weigh the same thing. It didn't make much sense to me to take it all off when I would still weigh the same thing next week.
So I guess next week I will have to work twice as hard so I don't have take off as much to weigh what I should. Maybe if I exercise a little more it will help. Or at all.
I'm not sure what to do about the doctors advice, though. I feel I will get dehydrated if I don't drink when I am thirsty, but she told me not to drink so much water. I guess I am going to have to keep on doing what I have been doing. It seems to be working so far, at least as far as I can see.
Til next time,Donna M. Clark

Friday, April 3, 2009

Drinking Too Much Water?

I had an appointment to see my doctor this morning. I'm not really sure why they even bother to make appointments. Mine was at 1100. Okay, so I get there at 1045, and sit, and sit, and sit. I was in the waiting room for 45 minutes. Than I was in the office for 60 minute. Finally, Doc C. came in and was in the room for 15 minutes. I mean, if you wanted to see me at 1230, why did we make an appointment for 1100? Anyone know the answer to that conundrum?
Anyway, so last week I had my blood test done, so Dr. C could check on my HA1B levels. (I might have that down wrong, but basically it is my 3 month blood sugar levels.) First, she tells me that my sugar is going up. Um, no it isn't. I started at 14, last November I was at 13, and this past test, my number was 11. I wasn't really great at math, but doesn't the number going down mean my sugar is going down, too?
Oh, right, she tells me. I was mistaken. But your sugar is still too high. I agree there, it is too high, but like I said, it is going down, slowly but surely. Not fast enough, in her opinion, so she wants me to start taking double the medicine. We tried this before, and double the medicine leaves me light headed and sick. Well, okay, we will give you one extra 500 mg pill of glucophage a day. That shouldn't make me feel too sick. Alright, I will try.
Than, she tells me that my sodium levels are too low. She tells me I am drinking too much water. I do not see how that is possible, because I only drink about 64 oz a day of water. She tells me I can add a package of jello mix or koolaid mix too my water, or- get this, drink more Diet Soda. Has anyone out there in computer land ever been told by their doctor to drink more soda, less water? My Mom was in there with me, cause she had an appointment, too. It's a good thing she was there, because I don't think that anyone would ever have believed me otherwise.
So I am on a new plan, one to get my sodium up, my sugar down, and my weight down. My blood pressure was fine, if a little low. Seems I can't win for losing.
By the way, I do not like her scale. My scale at home this morning said I was 300.8 lbs. Alright, I thought, almost at that magical number of less than 300. Oh, no, according to her scale, i weigh 305 lbs. I hate her scale. I truly do.
How have you been doing this week? Anyone else ever had conflicting messages from their Dr.?
Till next time,
Donna M. Clark