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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weigh In-March 17, 2009

I didn't do so good this week. I still lost, but I only lost 8/10 of a pound. Not a very good job. In my defense, I did spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with my mother at a retreat. The food was good, there, and we ate at Olive Garden twice during our little escape. Olive Garden does not have health food. Have you tasted their Chicken and Gnocchi soup? It is to die for. And I don't even like soup. Or at least, I didn't used to like soup. This stuff, I like.
So, back on the wagon I go. I guess I am lucky to live so far away from civilization as we know it. No more Olive Garden for me for quite a while. Back to eating healthy and exercising daily. But aah, it sure was fun while it lasted. What new food have you tried out lately? Was it healthy? Or was it something that was so good, you didn't care whether or not it was healthy? Let me know, and til next time,
Donna M. Clark

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Biggest Loser?

Am I the only one who feels betrayed by Biggest Loser this week? I mean, it just doesn't seem fair that they would have such a huge buildup on offering immunity for every one, and than when the Mother only lost 3 pounds, saying that if Mike didn't lose more than ten, it would be his fault that 2 people had to go home. Where is the fairness in that?
And than to make us wait until next week to find out whether or not Mike was able to do it. Totally unfair. I was not pleased in the least bit. I look forward to seeing what will happen on this show each week, but lately I think I am becoming disillusioned. What do you think about it? Are you mad at the show? Do you even watch the show? See you next time
Donna M. Clark

Biggest Loser For The Week! March 3, 2009

After last weeks 5.2 pound gain, I was not feeling too good about myself. But I persevered. I started eating more healthy again, and made an attempt at exercising more often. I only got in two days, but that was better than the no days from the previous week.
I guess it worked! When I went to weigh in this Tuesday at T.O.P.S., I lost 6.6 pounds for the week. Right here, picture me doing the Snoopy Happy Dance.
So I guess that goes to show that exercising and eating right does work.
It blew my mind that I lost so much weight. This week I am literally the biggest loser at our local T.O.P.S. I was the "greatest achiever for the week", so I got to take home the pendant saying I was the biggest loser. This is the first time I have received this honor. I must say that I am a little bit proud of myself.
I get to keep the pendant until next Tuesday, when we get weighed in again. I can only hope that maybe I will be able to keep it for longer. It will all depend on how hard I work at losing weight.
I also received a ribbon for having been to the meetings for 4 weeks in a row. I like getting ribbons and pins. It makes me think I am really earning something.
So, I will let you go for now, give a shout out to let me know you are listening. Questions or comments are always welcome. See you next time.
Donna M. Clark

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Not The Biggest Loser

I didn't chicken out like I thought I was going to. I went in to my T.O.P.S. meeting this past Tuesday to get weighed in. Not The Biggest Loser doesn't even begin to describe it. I gained-GAINED! Not just 1/10 of a pound, or even a pound or two, which I could have understood. I gained 5.2 pounds. Yes, you heard me right.I gained 5.2 pounds. That is totally not acceptable.
This puts me back up to 313.2 pounds. Arrgh! I am not a happy camper. I have to get off my rear end and back to work. I need to start exercising every day again, and staying away from the night time eating.
I started out so good. I was exercising for an hour a day, every day, and I was eating totally healthy. But than I thought, oh, it won't hurt to have one of those. The next time it was, ah, what's one day not exercising. Than Valentine's Day came and I ate the whole box of chocolates. It's been all down hill from there. But starting right here, right now, I am going to start being good again.
I need to lose this weight. My Doctor keeps threatening to start me on insulin if I don't get my sugar to a more manageable level. Can't have that, now can I?
Words of encouragement are more than welcome here. I know, I know- as the T.O.P.S. saying goes- "Today begins a new week." But still, I need help with my motivation. See you next time.