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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Biggest Loser For The Week! March 3, 2009

After last weeks 5.2 pound gain, I was not feeling too good about myself. But I persevered. I started eating more healthy again, and made an attempt at exercising more often. I only got in two days, but that was better than the no days from the previous week.
I guess it worked! When I went to weigh in this Tuesday at T.O.P.S., I lost 6.6 pounds for the week. Right here, picture me doing the Snoopy Happy Dance.
So I guess that goes to show that exercising and eating right does work.
It blew my mind that I lost so much weight. This week I am literally the biggest loser at our local T.O.P.S. I was the "greatest achiever for the week", so I got to take home the pendant saying I was the biggest loser. This is the first time I have received this honor. I must say that I am a little bit proud of myself.
I get to keep the pendant until next Tuesday, when we get weighed in again. I can only hope that maybe I will be able to keep it for longer. It will all depend on how hard I work at losing weight.
I also received a ribbon for having been to the meetings for 4 weeks in a row. I like getting ribbons and pins. It makes me think I am really earning something.
So, I will let you go for now, give a shout out to let me know you are listening. Questions or comments are always welcome. See you next time.
Donna M. Clark

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  1. Woo Hoo you go girl. I'm so proud of you. See the rewards of watching what you eat and exercising? You will attain goal at a steady rate the way you are going:) Good luck next week.