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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Weigh In-March 17, 2009

I didn't do so good this week. I still lost, but I only lost 8/10 of a pound. Not a very good job. In my defense, I did spend Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with my mother at a retreat. The food was good, there, and we ate at Olive Garden twice during our little escape. Olive Garden does not have health food. Have you tasted their Chicken and Gnocchi soup? It is to die for. And I don't even like soup. Or at least, I didn't used to like soup. This stuff, I like.
So, back on the wagon I go. I guess I am lucky to live so far away from civilization as we know it. No more Olive Garden for me for quite a while. Back to eating healthy and exercising daily. But aah, it sure was fun while it lasted. What new food have you tried out lately? Was it healthy? Or was it something that was so good, you didn't care whether or not it was healthy? Let me know, and til next time,
Donna M. Clark


  1. Donna everyone has a setback and now and then, but look how far you have come so far:) I have lost 88 lbs. myself and I tell you it is no easy feat, but pick yourself up and go again:) You can do it, I have confidence in that fact:)

  2. Hi Donna. I know how hard this struggle can be. It's hard to get in control and it sucks to feel out of control. I think doing this blog is a great step. Keep at it. I too went public. I strated keeping a weightloss diary on youtube. Absolutely mortifying for me as I don't even like to look at pictures of myself - seeing face, hearing my voice, my mannerisms on camera for anyone to watch...eeeeek! But it does help to know you're "being watched." Here is my latest entry.
    Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi Donna,

    Hang in there. Keep to the action plan and take it a step at a time.You can do it!