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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back on The Wagon?

So, yeah, I know I haven't been active on this blog. That is partly because I haven't been following my diet in a long time.
In all fairness, though, I have been busy. Not too busy to take care of my health. An idiot I am.
Oddly enough, I actually weighed just a little bit less than the last time I wrote. That's good, but I wonder how much I would have lost if I had followed my diet faithfully.
Okay, so I have to climb back on the diet wagon.
I need to eat healthy and start to exercise once more. If I can, I will also start going back to T.O.P.S. It seems like the right time to start being healthy. The beginning of the new year, and all that.
So here is my New Year's Resolution. I want to lose one pound a week this year. That should get me down to 250 by this time next year. I could certainly use all the encouragement you can give me.
Help me by holding me accountable to myself. Do you have a New Years Resolution? Would you like to share it? Do you need encouragement? A kick in the pants? We can all help one another out.


  1. Everyone falls off the wagon a little now and then. It's great that you're picking yourself up, brushing off and getting back on track though!

    I too need to kick myself in the rear and get back on track with taking care of myself. The holidays tumbled me right off track too.

    I think it's great that you lost even without being diligent tho. Maybe that means you're learning to eat better without forcing it?

    Good luck!

  2. Better late than never:) Keep up the good work and you will get there, we will get there:) You aren't the only one that needs a good swift kick in the pants to get going:)

  3. Keep going - it is worth it - you can do it!