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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Weigh In- May 12, 2009

I am down this week, only 1.6 pounds, but still. Much better being down than up, right? I did not do any exercising this week, and ate way too much. Every night, except for last night, I ate like a pig. I ate a whole box of crackers on each of three nights, One night I ate two boxes of chocolate covered coconut bars. At least I managed not to eat anything extra last night.

I gotta say, though, that I have been hungry since seven p.m. last night. And I didn't eat anything until this morning after weigh in. So I guess I should be happy about that at least.
I don't know why I can;t control my cravings. I don't need to eat all of those crackers. I shouldn't eat all of those cracker. So why am I eating all of these cracker?
Does anyone have any hints to help me out? This has got to stop!
Til next time,
Donna M. Clark

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  1. Hi Donna,
    Way to go on losing 1.6 pounds. It is much better down than up. You can control your cravings. Positive thoughts can take you to your goal plan. Try protein shakes, they help me. I don't care what brand you try, these will help you out. Portion control every time. Nutrition is so good for our bodies. I am thinking of you and wish you all the best with your health. Have a great weekend! :-)